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COMMERCIAL & Residential Painting

F&H Painting will breathe new life into your home or business through a fresh coat of paint. We provide exterior painting and construction services for residential and commercial property owners in Rochester Hills, Michigan.


Condominium Complex Exterior Painting

F&H has delivered proven and reliable results all over Oakland and Macomb County Michigan.  We will ensure that both the property management company and the residents are happy. 

Painted Building

Apartment Complex Exterior Painting

Our professional painters with years of experience will make sure that the exterior of your complex is correctly taken care of and your residents are happy and not disrupted.  We take care of all types of siding and wood replacement along with the painting.  Serving Troy, Clinton Twp., and all of Oakland and Macomb County Michigan.

Residential Exterior Painting

This is how the company got started and is still a very important aspect for us.  We will make sure that the exterior of your home enhances the overall look of your property.  We will perform our work to the highest of standards and use only high quality tools and products.  We will deliver quality and long lasting results that you will be happy with.  We service all of Oakland County Michigan.



Commercial Exterior Painting

Strip malls, shopping complexes, industrial buildings, warehouses, and more, our company is geared up for your large projects.  We will get your job done on time and within budget, without disrupting your business operations.  We will ensure that your clients’ needs are met.

Revitalize Your Property Through Exterior Painting

Our team specializes in exterior painting of large properties. We have the materials needed to reach the very top of multilevel homes and offices. By adding a new coat of paint, you will attract customers to your businesses doors and add curb appeal to your home. We can provide you with written warranties and extensive references upon request.

Complete Surface Preparation Procedure

Our extensive experience with completing exterior painting projects allows us to use the right types of cleaners, primers, caulks, and paints to get the job properly completed every time!

Power Washing

We power wash the exterior of the house with the appropriate cleansers prior to the application of paint. This helps to remove all dirt and debris for maximum paint adhesion. We can even get rid of tough, stuck-on stains on the side of your home, the driveway, or on your company's parking lot or sidewalks.


Our team can add caulking to seal any seams in various structures and piping within your property. We make sure your house is properly caulked to prevent possible water infiltration. Our company uses 40-year acrylic caulks with silicone or quality polyurethane caulks. We even have employees who are specialized in the caulk application process for larger, more detailed jobs.



F&H Painting can even power wash and stain your deck. Here are some things to consider when choosing a stain:

  • Solid Stain: This looks identical to paint and can hide imperfections. It is a recommended product if the deck already has a solid stain on it.
  • Semi-Solid Stain: This provides great coverage and allows some of the wood grain to be masked while still enhancing the wood's texture.
  • Semi-Transparent Stain: This shows more of the natural look of the wood. It is a good product if the deck is in great condition.